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All of our staff have been background checked for your security

and pet first aid trained for your animal's safety. 


Nicole is the owner/operator of Head to Tail. She knew from a very early age that she wanted to spend her life working with animals and is passionate about helping our furry friends to have the happiest lives possible. Her objective is to help out in any way possible. 


Nicole is a qualified Veterinary Nurse with six and a half years of clinical experience, having gained her Certificate in Veterinary Nursing at CPIT in 2009. In addition to this, she is a qualified Canine Behaviourist and Puppy Trainer, having gained a Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Psychology and a Certificate in Puppy Training through correspondence study via British College of Canine Studies.  In amongst all of this she has also gained her Bachelors degree in Science (Biology) with focus on animal behaviour papers at the University of Canterbury in 2014.





Tina is our administration, walker, trainer extraordinaire! She has owned and operated a dog training and behaviour business in Christchurch, prior to the earthquakes. She is a wealth of knowledge, with having taught many of us in the Animal Care course at Ara Polytechnic for many years. She is kept busy with us here at Head to Tail and our beautiful furry friends but also by her two lovely children. 


Kimberly is settling into life in Christchurch after living in Auckland where she did a vet nursing internship and worked at the council dog shelter. Working in the shelter environment, she developed many skills such as general obedience training, temperament testing and handling of all kinds of doggos. 

Kim gets a lot of steps during the days, pounding the pavement (& grass) with our doggy pals and then goes on to run the Puppy Preschools and Teen Pups classes in the evenings. 


Megan is our super mum, both human and doggy kind.

She is our diverse animal lover with a mini zoo of her own at home consisting of dogs, cats, rats, rabbits and a pair of axelotols! 

She is also a qualified Vet Nurse, finishing her studies before becoming a full time mother. Megan has so much love for animals of all kinds that she has been known to wade into muddy rivers to save tangled swans and tuck tired and injured chickens she stumbles across into her jacket until getting them further help. 


Rosie has just relocated to Christchurch from sunny Brisbane to join the Head to Tail team. She is a qualified dog trainer and worked in Australia as a trainer, specialising in building confidence in our furry pals. 

By day, she is a group dog walker and around this, she helps with Puppy classes and training sessions. 


Kaiya is a qualified and well experienced behaviourist. She comes form the semi-rural life, growing up around horses and motorbikes, etc. 

She has two boys, of the human variety, and one big boy of the doggy variety. Denzel is a gorgeous, cruisey dude who sometimes accompanies Kaiya on her behavioural visits to help other dogs build their confidence.

All of our staff have been police checked for your security

and pet first aid trained for your animal's safety. 

Pet care dog trainingwalking mobile vet nursing