Behaviour & Training

Behaviour consulting

Is your doggy pal displaying any  frustrating, embarrassing or worrying behaviours?

We conveniently come to you to talk through what is happening, why it is happening and of course what we can do in the future to eliminate, prevent or manage these behaviours. 
The initial consultation takes around one and a half hours and the follow up sessions are around one hour. 


Initial consultation + one follow-up
+ travel*

Private Training sessions

These training sessions are for dogs of any age and are based around teaching general obedience and anything requested by you in the comfort of your own home at a time suited to you. 

Each session usually lasts an hour.


per session
three sessions (package deal)
+ travel*

Day Training

Day training is perfect for those busy dog owners who want to get on top of training but are struggling to find the time to do so. We can come in while you are at work and put in some extra hard yards for you to speed up the learning process!

Whether it is in-home learning, recall or social manners, through consistency and extra training, we can help you achieve you and your doggies goals faster.


Starting from
Prices vary
depending on type of training 

For behaviour & training, please click the link below to fill in the quick form to give us a quick run down
and we will get back in touch to assist your booking. 

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