All of our staff are Vet Nurse qualified or Certified dog trainers.

Trust that your pet's are in the best hands with our loving team.

Group walks


The goal of the group walks is to ensure your dog is not only exercised, but learns great socialisation skills and is matched with similar personality types.

On our walks, our dogs run, play and make new friends. We focus on small group, with about three to five dogs, per group. You can see your doggo out having fun with his friends on our social media accounts. 

+ $10 second dog
*not available on weekends*

Individual walks


30 minutes ........ $32
45 minutes ........ $37
60 minutes ....... $42
+ $5 second dog
*$10 surcharge applies for weekends*

If one-on-one walks suit your pooch better, we have an array of options for individual walking. This means they get our full attention and we can cater to any specific needs to ensure they are the happiest and healthiest they can be.  


Walking training

Lead training is perfect for those busy dog owners who want to get on top of training but are struggling to find the time to do so. We can come in while you are at work and put in some extra hard yards for you to speed up the learning process!

Our techniques take time and consistency which can be tricky to keep on top of so with this, we can help you achieve you and your doggies goals faster.

Starting from

We are currently at capacity for our dog walking, please fill out the form below and we will add you details to our waitlist and get in touch when a spot opens up.
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