Little Green Dog bags are fully biodegradable, 100% compostable, and made out of plants — unlike the vast majority of the other options on the market, which claim to be environmentally friendly but are (excuse the pun) full of crap.


Little Green Dog poop bags undergo each of these tests and pass with flying colours:


- Disintegration: After undergoing laboratory compost testing for 12 weeks, no more than 10% of remaining material fragments are larger than 2mm.

- Biodegradability: Within 6 months max, biodegradation (the conversion of the packaging into water, carbon dioxide, and new cell biomass) generates an amount of carbon dioxide that’s at least 90% as much as the carbon dioxide given off from the reference material.

- Low levels of heavy metals: Levels of potentially toxic heavy metals don’t exceed: 150 (zinc), 50 (copper), 25 (nickel), 0.5 (cadmium), 50 (lead), 0.5 (mercury), 50 (chromium), 1 (molybdenum), 0.75 (selenium), 5 (arsenic), and 100 (fluoride).

- No negative effect on the composting process: The composted packaging has no adverse effect on the bulk density, pH, salinity (electrical conductivity), volatile solids, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total magnesium, total potassium, and ammonium nitrogen characteristics of the compost.

Little Green Dog compostable poop bags 120pack

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