Puppy Training

Pre-Pup-Arrival Advice

Do you have a furry new arrival on the way? Training and establishing boundaries should start the minute a pup enters their new home to make sure no bad habits develop. These visits include advice for setting up an enriched environment to ensure success from the get go.

These visits normally take about 45 minutes.


Flexible times available!

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Puppy Preschool socialisation

This is a fun and informative,

four-week course for pups aged between 8-14 weeks of age. Puppies have a critical socialisation period which unfortunately falls amongst vaccinations so we bring pups together in a safe environment to expose them to other pups. 

You will also learn a lot about a pup's health and behaviour needs.


K9 Kindy, Addington
Monday 16th November, 7:00pm

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Teen Pups

Training class

This is a five week course for 'teen' pups, aged four to 18 months. The classes include general obedience and manners; what I believe are foundation behaviours that every dog should know. The group environment 

not only provides socialisation but also teaches your pups to listen and respond in these social environments. 


Halswell Quarry Park
Tuesday 2nd February (2021), 6:30pm

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If group classes don't suit,

private training sessions are available

for pups and dogs of all ages!

West Melton Community Centre
 Thursday 15th Oct, 6:30pm

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Package deals for puppy training also available.

Get in touch for more info and pricing options. 

Head to Tail is a proud Canterbury business, owned by Veterinary Nurse, Nicole Cusiel. 

Nicole is one of the most qualified pet care providers of dog walking, puppy classes, behaviour consulting and other services in the market. She has more than six years clinical veterinary nursing experience, working with dogs, cats, rabbits and all types of animals.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Biology), with a focus on animal behaviour papers, from the University of Canterbury.

She also holds a Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Psychology and has a Certificate in Puppy Training and is continuing to develop her skills and knowledge through correspondence training. 

All of Head to Tail's team members are also veterinary nurses or have many years experience of working with animals.

The best care for your best friend!

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