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Puppy & Adult classes

Puppy Preschool socialisation

This is a fun and informative,

four-week course for pups aged between 8-14 weeks of age. Puppies have a critical socialisation period which unfortunately falls amongst vaccinations so we bring pups together in a safe environment to expose them to other pups. 

You will also learn a lot about a pup's health and behaviour needs.


K9 Kindy, Addington
Monday 26th July, 7:00pm

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Teen Pups

Training class

This is a five week course for 'teen' pups, aged four to 18 months. The classes include general obedience and manners; what I believe are foundation behaviours that every dog should know. The group environment 

not only provides socialisation but also teaches your pups to listen and respond in these social environments. 


K9 Kindy, Addington
Tuesday 3rd August, 6:30pm

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Our games based training class is an eight week course in which we cover things like being calm, being close and managing distractions through the power of playing games. The games we cover in this course are fuelled by the Absolute Dogs academy. 

Games based

training class

CKA - 701 McLeans Island Rd
Next Date TBC 
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K9 Kindy, Addington
Monday 30th August, 7:00pm

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Halswell Quarry Park
Saturday 4th September, 10:00am
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If group classes don't suit,

private training sessions are available

for pups and dogs of all ages!

Package deals for puppy training also available.

Get in touch for more info and pricing options. 

Pet care dog trainingwalking mobile vet nursing